About Us

Digital Lock is a specialist IT Security organization, which has its Headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia & branch offices in USA & Australia. Professional in its approach, it always delivers best-in-class IT & Cybersecurity services, to identify and solve security threats and issues for its clients.
Our services are designed to furnish to all IT security needs of any organization through risk identification, reporting and analysis, followed by effective mitigation of all these risks.
Digital Lock constantly monitors developments in the field of cybersecurity , and introduces new expertise on an ongoing basis, to ensure that its clients are prepared and can always maintain the required levels of cyber defence.
Digital Lock team has in depth experience and expertise relative to both the public & private sectors and has a fully qualified technical staff who hold all the required levels of accreditation and qualification.
Digital Lock consultants use proven methodology to work with clients, to understand the risks to their business, and to facilitate the implementation of the best possible standards.